Passive Aggressive Library Signs 3

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Remember this post from July 2006:

Ten Signs I Hope I Never See in Libraries Again

Take a look at this: (via Liz Danforth on Twitter)

Passive Aggressive Library Signs

Some are obviously created by students (graduate students?? says one commenter) but some of them are real. It baffles my mind how we still tape up these angry, mean-spirited signs in places that should be as welcoming as possible.

3 thoughts on “Passive Aggressive Library Signs

  • Joe

    Stunning but not uncommon. These days libraries are designed as social spaces. A few weeks ago I had a guy complain about a few women talking too loud. After I explained about the social spaces and such he stalked off. When I went to see the ladies, it was one woman learning to read and her tutor.

    Favorite sign we have (in the back for staff to see only):
    “Unattended children will be given a latte and a free puppy”

  • Helen Nneka Eke

    I strongly believe we librarians should put up a welcoming spirit all the time.We shouldn’t scare away our readers,otherwise we end up reading all the books ourselves.

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