The Online Student Experience 3

A very striking example of what online education can be for some. I’m currently teaching a class this summer and am trying to do as much as I can to increase my visibility/presence. The good folks at SJSU University SLIS shared this video with me – I’m on their Technology Advisory Board.

One thing I noticed last semester is that my classes really responded to video, so I’m aiming to do more and more with video. Here’s a silly class check in from last week while Cooper and I were hiking:

One thing I heard from the SJSU folks that agreed with my own realizations: if you are going to do video, don’t fret too much that it is absolutely perfect – just do it. The video above was the second take of only two I did on the trail.

I’m interested to hear from other folks who teach online – what has worked well? What have you found that sparks interest and engagement online?

3 thoughts on “The Online Student Experience

  • Katy

    This is an incredibly powerful video, and I really look forward to incorporating its message into my new position! Thanks for posting, Michael.

  • Beverly

    Thanks for sharing this video as well as your check-in video. I don’t teach online, but I am striving to integrate more and more technology to give my students greater access to information, and I appreciate the tip to not worry about having a perfect video. It is really engaging to show yourself out on a hike while talking about the class!

  • Christine

    I teach online. Principles of Accounting I & II. I find videos critical if you are going to get your point across in subject that so many students find challenging. Videos do take alot of time if you are going to do them well (I don’t mean professional quality but to organize them and decide the best way to present each topic and plan it. I don’t even want to know how many hours I spent the first summer I did both courses. BUT it does pay off in the long run for you and your students. Students learn better and all that work you put in in the first year does not need to be redone every year. I have also found a perk I never expected when I did the videos – they are very helpful in live classes too. Students who miss class or don’t understand a topic the first time they hear it can access my videos to review the material they missed or just don’t get.

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