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TTW Mailbox: Do you use DELICIOUS? Please take survey

From an email: I am a graduate student in the Dept. of Library & Information Science, National Taiwan University. I am writing to you because I read your article and thus understand that you had researched Delicious.com before. I’m currently doing my thesis research on Delicious users’ social relations and tagging behaviors. I am now on the stage of collecting data from Delicious user. Would you please fill out my questionnaire if you are currently using Delicious? It may take you approximately 20-30 minutes to complete the questionnaire. I would highly appreciate if you could also forward this questionnaire to […]

A stream of digital consciousness

A stream of digital consciousness, originally uploaded by Paul Hagon. My research co-investigator Warren Cheetham shares a link to this photo by Paul Hagon and writes: “Another photo (also by Paul Hagon) from that same conference presentation by Mal, has a line that I try to always keep in mind when planning and thinking about digital library services – “Don’t try to replicate analogue processes””