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International Librarianship

My co-investigator fro the CAVAL Visiting Scholar Project, Warren Cheetham, shared this quote with me. It resonates with me as I reflect on working with librarians around the world. “If you get engaged in international library work, your personal life will be transformed every time you encounter and embrace a foreign culture; your personal boundaries will be expanded. International collaboration is needed if we want to make this world a more livable place.” Jesus Lau, President, Mexican Library Association We just submitted a draft of an article based on the academic library data from our surveys and focus groups last […]

Tech Trends at ALA TechSource

I couldn’t participate in the rescheduled ALA TechSource Webinar but I was able to contribute slides and some text. Tech Trend: Teaching & Learning in Flux View more presentations from Michael Stephens. Organizational Immersive Learning This subcategory addresses the outstanding success of the Learning 2.0 model of staff training: free, open, and inclusive. I was going to highlight my Australian research project sponsored by CAVAL. The foundation for this multi-dimensional study comes from the global replication of the program (1000 institutions and counting) and the words of Stephen Abram: ““I believe that this has been one of the most transformational […]

Interview with Smithsonian’s Michael Edson at ALA techSource MS: The connection between libraries and museums gets clearer and clearer to me, especially after my speaking trip to Germany. At our Stammtisch evening, I spent a long time chatting with a museum employee. Her take was this: “We have 30 seconds to grab a visitor’s attention. We can’t use a blog. We can’t create a social experience in that time…”  Then at UGUL, you said to the audience “We have competition from EVERYONE.” What can museums – and libraries – do in this time of great competition to meet the needs of users and non-users alike? How do […]