Synergy 2010 Vision Video

Synergy: The Illinois Library Leadership Initiative 2010 is the statewide library community’s proactive movement to recruit and nurture future Illinois library leaders. Objectives include self-assessment; discovering and developing personal values; identifying the local, state and global environment; fostering and expanding skills and tools for personal, professiona and positional leadership; creating a cohort group; establishing mentoring relationships; and developing a vision of and beyond the field of librarianship.

The Synergy 2010 Vision Team (Kerrin Riley, Anthony Auston, Kathy Lynch, Dianne Ludwig, and Deborah Shippy) produced this video and vision statement based upon the vision statements of each of the 30 Synergy librarian participants (, and a few hundred post-it notes (represented by the wordle seen at 0:50) containing key words and phrases shared amongst the group. This vision was first publicly shared on October 28, 2010, at the final session of Synergy 2010.

The Vision Statement:

Illinois libraries transform communities, engage minds an inspire the exploration of ideas. To ensure that our libraries remain integral to our users lives, we commit to:

? Advocate for the expanding role of libraries to guarantee future funding

? Build enduring and meaningful connections throughout our communities

? Explore and provide innovative technology to empower discovery

? Create welcoming places that encourage collaboration and self-actualization

Be courageous. Be resilient. Be leaders.

Special thanks to the mentors and facilitators who made Synergy 2010 possible. Think globally, act locally.

Music: God is an Astronaut – Post Mortem

Thanks to Anthony Auston & Carrie Straka for sharing this information.