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You Can Do Magic & Signing Off ALA TechSource I’m moving on from writing blog posts for ALA TechSource. My final post went up today. I do plan to return on occasion as a guest blogger. Today’s post is about MAGIC: I also want to tell you a story about ten year old Michael. He really enjoyed afternoon reruns of shows like Gilligan’s Island, I Love Lucy and the like. A particular favorite, however, was I Dream of Jeannie. It was silly fun: a genie, a master and a Bottle. Do you remember the bottle? I do. I always wanted one. I daydreamed that the studio might someday […]

See You at the OCLC Symposium: Transformational Literacy

I’m very pleased to be moderating this exciting afternoon in San Diego. The topic is very important and will surely offer some thought-provoking conversation. OCLC Symposium: Transformational Literacy: Life Stages and Libraries 1:30 – 4:30 pm Pacific Time In-person: Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel, Indigo Ballroom A/B Live stream: Every day, libraries help people transform their lives. But nowhere is that role more apparent—and important—as when people move from one life stage to another. Join OCLC and a panel of distinguished guests for a discussion on the need for information and preparation during these vital “between” stages. Mimi Ito, cultural […]

Congratulations Dave Pattern, IWR Information Professional of the Year

Brian Kelly writes: Dave has demonstrated his impact within the wider community in two areas.  Dave has been active in supporting the Mashed Libraries series of one day events  whoch have aimed to to “bring together interested people and doing interesting stuff with libraries and technology“. The original idea was conceived by Owen Stephens in a blog post on “Mashed Libraries? Would you be interested?” on 1 July 2008. The second response was from Dave, who showed his enthusiasm together with an example of his normal self-deprecating humour: “I’ve love to see a library unconference in the UK… I’m just too […]

Portland Public Teen Library: 2010 Year In Review

Portland Public Teen Library: 2010 Year In Review on Prezi I’ve been thinking a lot about transparency this year.  It might have to do with  the term becoming a buzz word of some sorts, or maybe because the ongoing discussion concerning Wikileaks in news media.  A huge part of me, however, thinks that I came to the conclusion that as a public employee I have an obligation to inform my community about what I’m doing.  Nonetheless, I approached creating a 2010 year in review for the Portland Public Teen Library with this idea in mind. Here’s the full annual report […]

The Workshop: RIP!

Don’t miss this post by David Wedaman: Library and IT staff pretty much have one tool in the tool box when they set out to help faculty come to grips with a new application or service. The Workshop. I’ve been associated with Library and IT Workshops for faculty for a long while, and I’ve noticed them sliding away from relevance. And attendance. It could be that Workshops never were a very great vehicle for anything, and I’m only now noticing it. If it’s true they never were a very great learning vehicle yet we rolled them out continuously and […]

Interview with Michael Edson

A New Digital Presence: The Smithsonian Commons from NavigationArts on Vimeo. One of the most original, articulate thinkers in museums, Michael Edson offers so many insights into the power of the Commons model. Give this video a view – you’ll surely be inspired for what the future holds for digital collections and user involvement.

Congrats to Phil Bradley, VP of CILIP

Congratulations to Phil Bradley for being elected as Vice President of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals in the UK. Phil will serve one year as Vice-President, one year as President, and one year as Past President. I’ve known Phil virtually for almost ten years – he adapted my Internet training book for UK audiences. We’ve only met in person and chatted briefly at ILI but I look forward to the next time we are together. I want to buy him a congratulatory drink. His candidate manifesto surely contributed to his win – it includes an overview of his professional […]