What do you check out from your library? 8

A Nintendo DS game for my wife Haley, some Captain Beefheart for our Saturday family night music, and a book about firemen to read to my son Finn before we go to bed tonight.  I can’t think of a better way to spend our weekend.

-Post by Justin Hoenke, Tame the Web Contributor

8 thoughts on “What do you check out from your library?

  • Kevin S

    My items would be the Jaws 3-D score cd, any book on Superman, and probably Oz stuff. It’s more wishful thinking. There were only 3000 copies of the third score, because everyone thought the movie as a whole was crap. Sadly, I could only find a bootleg copy 🙁

  • John Keogh

    I use the library to browse for fiction titles I wouldn’t find otherwise. I love letting my eye get caught by an interesting cover! Sure, I can do that at a bookstore, too, but they really only have recent stuff and historically important works. My library lets me discover fiction that falls in between.

    BTW – Captain Beefheart for Saturday family night music is possibly the most awesome thing ever!

  • Elizabeth

    I love browsing TV on DVD. Right now I’ve got The Wire and The IT Crowd. Also out now: a cook book and two plays.

  • Andromeda

    Everything I read these days that isn’t a journal article. And probably some of those, too.

    Basically, whenever I see someone recommend something that looks fun, into the queue it goes…these days, that tends to be a lot of management books and sci-fi by women or people of color. Also Musicophilia. And whatever my kid wants from the children’s room.

  • Tammy

    I read a lot of real murder books such as Paul Roland, documentaries from the DVD section and the blues from the music section. I am also lucky I am a librarian who does the interlibrary loans so I check out an endless supply of informational books on subjects of interest.

  • David Bigwood

    Downloadable audio books. Recent once include Swiftly Tilting Planet, Day of the Triffids, and the latest Star Wars. Up next is the Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler. Also, downloading ecomics, Marvel Adventures, X-Men First Class, and so on. Downloaded and printed out refrigerator stuff from Consumer Reports and other articles from hte database.

    I don’t think my library loans DS titles, have to check.

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