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See You in Canada!

I’ll be spending a week in Canada starting this Wednesday. First, I’ll be at the ABQLA Conference in Montreal on Thursday. My talk is the morning keynote: The Hyperlinked Library – Trends, Tools, and Transparency What emerging trends are changing library services? What does a connected world of “continuous computing” mean for 21st Century libraries? How do we create services when the world of information is accessible through a mobile device and ubiquitous wifi. This presentation provides a roadmap toward becoming the Hyperlinked Library: mobile, transparent, participatory, playful, user-centered and human, while still grounded in our foundations and values. I’m excited that […]

Revamping Reference at The User Experience

http://www.libraryjournal.com/lj/ljinprintcurrentissue/889573-403/revamping_reference__the_user.html.csp Aaron Schmidt writes: Reference desks don’t have to be antagonistic. Boomerang-shaped desks with a computer monitor and an easily shared keyboard between two chairs set the stage for a collaborative interaction. Folding patrons into the research process acknowledges their contribution. This respectful gesture—and the other ways to consciously consider your reference setup—can ameliorate library anxiety and foster an engaging experience. With the easy-to-use mobile computing options now available, roving reference makes more sense than ever. I spoke with Katherine Penner (Univ. of Manitoba’s Dafoe Lib.) and Martha Flotten (Multnomah Cty. Lib. [MCL]) about how they’ve experimented with Apple iPhones […]

DePaul levels up on video game collection

Via nwi.com: I’ve actually done research on students who are learning game design and about games,” said Jose Zagal, a game development professor at DePaul. “And it is quite often the case that they’ll have a very narrow view of games.” Jim Galbraith, associate director of collections at DePaul’s library, hopes the collection will draw the wider student body while supplementing what’s taught in game design and computer science classes.   You can read the rest of the article here.  Is your library doing something like this?  As a big advocate for video gaming in libraries, I’m happy to see […]