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Shamelessly re-posted from Ken’s blog because it’s oh so good-   As I pointed out to the graduates, it may be less appropriate to offer an inspiring message concerning our particular profession and its prospects in a tight economy but we also sometimes forget that this too shall pass. […]

Ten Keys to Career Success – SJSU SLIS Commencement Speech ...

Daniel Stuhlman, Reference Librarian at Wright College, Chicago presents part one of an interview with the newly appointed dean of the University’s School of Library and Information Studies (SLIS).  Daniel notes, however, that “note this is just for your information and amusement. Any connection to a real university or dean […]

Office Hours Extra: The Transparent Dean

When we initiated a new usability study of our library’s website, we reviewed close to 60 library websites. The one dominant trend  we observed was the placement of some sort of search functionality was present on the library’s homepage. Most libraries had tabbed search boxes that allowed users to click […]

Seduced by Google – A TTW Guest Post by Dr. ...

Back in late 2008, I received a phone call from a friend/colleague in Germany with a tantalizing offer: would I be interested in a three-semester teaching gig? The location was the University of Applied Sciences in Leipzig (Hochschule für Technik, Wirtschaft und Kultur – HTWK) [], and the job was […]

Office Hours Extra: LIS edu in Germany – a Guest ...

On Tuesday May 17, 2011, my library had the pleasure of hosting a show featuring the wizard rock band Harry and the Potters.  The show itself was awesome: the music was great, the band was super nice, and everyone had a good time. The highlight for me had nothing to […]

We’re gonna be OK

Greetings from Burlington, Ontario! Later today, I’m presenting Transforming Library Science Education: Heretical Thoughts at the Future of Academic Libraries Symposium. This is a longer version than I’ll present because I want to leave loads of time to hear the audience’s “heretical thoughts.” The slides are here:

Future of Academic Libraries Symposium: Heretical Thoughts (Slides)

Melbourne Museum and social media, originally uploaded by ellen forsyth. Ellen Forsyth writes: The Melbourne Museum wants to make it really easy for you to connect with them online. They have signs around the museum prompting you to connect with the via facebook, twitter, Flickr, YouTube or Foursquare. They also […]

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