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Yes you can! 2011 @ OPPL

Yes you can! 2011, originally uploaded by Oak Park Public Library. Oak Park Public Library writes: Yes you can eat at the Library! Beginning today, June 1, 2011, we will allow food in all 3 facilities. We made this change because we think it will improve the library experience of many of our customers, including parents with young children, kids and teens who visit after school, and people who use the Library for extended periods of time. There …are some limitations, including: no eating in the Silent Reading Room or Storytime Room or while using our computers. We expect this […]

Office Hours Extra: Transparency at Redlands by Mary Grace Maloney

Hi Michael, I just read your recent LJ article, “The Transparent Library School”. It really resonated with me. I don’t know if I told you about my undergraduate experience at the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies, University of Redlands or not. Your article reminded me of the student-faculty collaborative practice at Johnston. For example, I co-created several classes there, designed my own major, and was a Community Assistant (Johnston’s version of a “RA”) on the living-learning complex. One of the things we did on a weekly basis was have community meetings. We (students and faculty) talked about everything in those […]