Office Hours Extra: Transparency at Redlands by Mary Grace Maloney

Hi Michael,

I just read your recent LJ article, “The Transparent Library School”. It really resonated with me. I don’t know if I told you about my undergraduate experience at the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies, University of Redlands or not. Your article reminded me of the student-faculty collaborative practice at Johnston. For example, I co-created several classes there, designed my own major, and was a Community Assistant (Johnston’s version of a “RA”) on the living-learning complex. One of the things we did on a weekly basis was have community meetings. We (students and faculty) talked about everything in those meetings from brainstorming new courses, to voting on funds for student projects, and to re-painting the community kitchen, in a structured meeting format built on consensus. On some level, I think LIS programs could benefit from this practice. At least once a semester the LIS program could host a community meeting and pot luck dinner to build community and encourage conversation. There is more to be learned from established non-traditional higher education practices. If you’re interested in learning more about Johnston, here’s the link:
Mary Grace (M. G.) Maloney, Butler Children’s Literature Center, Graduate Assistant, GSLIS Dominican University