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Zukunftwerkstatt Meets TWIL!

http://vimeo.com/24777638 http://vimeo.com/24910071 A hot room, three guests and 40 minutes. These are the ingredients of another steaming live episode of This Week in Libraries from the Bibliothekartag in Berlin. Mace Ojala and Jukka Pennanen talk about their cycling unconference and Dr. Hannelore Vogt tells us more about the use of social media and gaming in libraries. thisweekinlibraries.com/??p=308 cyclingforlibraries.org/?

Thanks Finger Lakes Library System!

Yesterday, I lead my favorite long form workshop “Taming Technolust: Technology Planning in a Hyperlinked World” for a great group at Finger Lakes Library System. Our conversation moved from the intricacies of some emerging technologies to some higher level planning and strategy, including getting buy in from governing bodies. Thanks to all who attended! Breakout workgroups included the following topics: EBOOKS QR Codes Library Futures Putting all the Pieces Together Tablets & Gadgets Social Media Issues & Plans Small Public Lib Tech Plan Games & Creation Space The slides are here:¬†http://dl.dropbox.com/u/239835/TTWIthacaNYTecnoPlanning.pdf (150MB PDF) The original article the workshop is based […]

“Play, Learn, Innovate” Symposium Coverage at LJ

Josh Hadro provides coverage of the “Play, Learn, Innovate” Symposium: Guiding the event was the prevailing notion of integrating “playfulness in your life, career, and work as a whole,” noted opening presenter and moderator Liz Danforth, a freelance game illustrator, scenario designer, and game developer, and librarian at the Pima County Public Library. Danforth established the framework for the session, touching on “innovation, creativity, motivation, games, critical and strategic thinking,” all in an effort to spark positive change and overcome fearful reaction and resistance. As she noted and other panelists affirmed, activity flexibility and a positive, fostering environment are some […]