Thanks Finger Lakes Library System!

Yesterday, I lead my favorite long form workshop “Taming Technolust: Technology Planning in a Hyperlinked World” for a great group at Finger Lakes Library System. Our conversation moved from the intricacies of some emerging technologies to some higher level planning and strategy, including getting buy in from governing bodies. Thanks to all who attended!

Breakout workgroups included the following topics:

  • QR Codes
  • Library Futures
  • Putting all the Pieces Together
  • Tablets & Gadgets
  • Social Media Issues & Plans
  • Small Public Lib Tech Plan
  • Games & Creation Space

The slides are here: (150MB PDF)

The original article the workshop is based on is here:

Thanks to all who attended! Also – a big shout out to Ben Lainhart who just finished his LIS program this week. Ben’s post about his online class sparked a recent “Office Hours” column. I was glad to meet him in person. (He wrote a bit about the day here.)