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Highlights from case studies from around the globe during this evening’s fireside chat: Catalina Escobar, Director of Makaia, a non profit working with libraries, Medelli?n, Colombia: Implementing SMS notifications for circulation messages and general messages has been useful, but has presented some challenges. These include the perception that emails from […]

Participatory Culture: Fireside Chat

Note from Michael : I am honored to have written over two years of The Transparent Library with Michael Casey. I am pleased he took me up on an offer to do a guest post about participatory service for the Salzburg Global Seminar week. I asked him to explore where […]

Revisiting Participatory Service in Trying Times – a TTW Guest ...

Learning Transformed: Technology, advances in neuroscience, and research are changing our understanding of effective learning environments and experiences. The boundaries between in-school and out-of-school learning are blurring, and the importance of early and lifelong learning has been recognized. What knowledge and skills do our publics need and want, and how […]

Participatory Culture: Learning Transformed

Culture and Communities: How can libraries and museums use their many resources and strengths, including their collections, spaces, and people, to reflect cultural and demographic shifts and bridge cultural differences? How do they select the stories they tell and the services and experiences they offer? Gabriela Aidar, Coordinator of the […]

Participatory Culture: Culture & Communities