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A crowdsourced collection of over 100 essays from around the world about trends in school libraries written by librarians, teachers, publishers, and library vendors. Edited by Kristin Fontichiaro and Buffy Hamilton. Foreword by R. David Lankes. Photographs by Diane Cordell. CONTRIBUTORS: Kelly Ahlfeld, Diane Erica Aretz-Kernahan, Emilia Askari, Kathleen Atkin, Robert Baigent, Susan D. Ballard, Angela Washington-Blair, Dan Bowen, Holli Buchter, Jennifer Branch, Len Bryan, Jennifer Colby, Diane Cordell, William Cross, Meg Donhauser, Joanne de Groot, Stacy Dillon, Andrea Dolloff, Laura Fleming, Lorna Flynn, Elizabeth Friese, Rachel Goldberg, Beth Gourley, Dorcas Hand, Alida Hanson, Violet H. Harada, Heather Hersey, Valerie Hill, Kimberly Hirsh, Shannon Hyman, Pamela Jackson, Melissa P. Johnston, Jesse Karp, Sara Kelley-Mudie, Tricia Kuon, Neil Krasnoff, Jennifer LaGarde, Teri S. Lesesne, Margaret Lincoln, Kate MacMillan, Adrienne Matteson, Kathleen McBroom, Walter McKenzie, David Meyer, Ben Mondloch, Leslie L. Morgan, Cathy Jo Nelson, Beverley Rannow, Howard Rheingold, Nikki D. Robertson, Daniella Smith, Evan St. Lifer, Jennifer Stanbro, Caitlin Stansell, Jeff Stanzler, Carolyn Jo Starkey, Wendy Steadman Stephens, Michael Stephens, Linda Straube, Cathy Stutzman, Mega Subramaniam, Margaret Sullivan, Joyce Kasman Valenza, Karen Villegas, Jeanna Walker, Donna Watt, Holly Weimar, Senga White, Erin Drankwalter Wyatt, Amanda Yaklin, Alice Yucht, Marci Zane

My contribution is entitled “FILLED WITH HEART”: CHARACTERISTICS OF 21st-century SCHOOL LIBRARIANS. Here’s a snippet:

As budgets tighten and public perception of the importance of school libraries falters in some places, they persevere. A few characteristics come to mind when I consider what makes these folks who have chosen to become teacher librarians so successful. These are also the things I want my students to learn to be as they graduate and become school media professionals:

Barrier Breakers: These librarians work within the school’s structure to educate teachers and administrators about the value of bringing emerging technologies into the school. They’ve performed a “kindness audit” of library space to see what students see. Posted rules made up of “No” statements are not encouraging to the young learner’s heart.

Curious. These librarians look up from their desks and wonder what’s changing in the world around their schools.And they wonder what it means for them and their students? How do shifts in technology impact the process of education? And how should the school media center play a role?

Big Thinking. It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day routines of the school and not think much beyond what’s happening inside the four walls. Big thinking school librarians balance the important day to day stuff with big picture thought for the future. Change comes rapidly – thinking bigger helps them prepare. 

I’m honored to be included in this work with so many incredible contributors!