Daily Archives: November 7, 2011

At DOK in October 2011, Erik Boekesteijn demonstrates an app the pulls in the library’s Flickr feed into the Surface table. Update: Erik Comments:  If people are interested in having this app or any of the other apps we make in their library, they are welcome to contact us at [email protected]

Erik Demonstrates Surface & Flickr App

This is the  text of my closing remarks from Internet Librarian International’s closing panel – our theme was “the new normal meets the new you.” The new normal: libraries have the potential  be anywhere and everywhere, librarians can actively contribute to transformative social engagement.  Our foundations are built on service […]

The New Normal: Catalyzing Ideas & People

Legend has it that In 1532, Pizarro overthrew the Inca Empire with 168 men. Librarians have much to learn from history. I have been working my way through Charles Manns’ eye opening and complex book 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus. Mann challenges us to rethink what we […]

What Pizarro and the Inca can Teach Librarians: Why Libraries ...