Overcoming e-book ‘stagnation’ by Åke Nygren

Don’t miss this article by Åke Nygren at InformationToday Europe:


Åke explores how Stockholm Libraries are responding to e-book stagnation:

Since 2010 the Stockholm Public Libraries have been working hard at coming to grips with the conflict between a growing public demand for e-books and the devastatingly low percentage of e-books available in their stacks. The overall conclusion: instead of waiting for a print oriented publishing market, paralysed by its anxieties for possible loss of market shares, let’s get the job done ourselves! 


The third step will be to explore the potential with EPUB 3, an open format that has the potential to move e-reading from a disclosed and lonely activity towards an open, creative and social experience.

In brief, Stockholm Public Libraries response to e-book stagnation is to:

  • Cooperate:  we can’t do it on our own, let’s find strategic partnerships, for e-book openness and innovation.
  • Digitise: let’s not just sit and wait. If nobody else seems keen on digitising, well, then we do it ourselves.
  • Integrate: making literature accessible for everybody in 2012 is not just about digitisation, it’s also a question of packaging and integration of the content in user friendly and flexible user interfaces.
  • Engage: let’s explore the potential of co-creating new content together with the users of today: the prosumers.