#FreeDaleAskey & Please Consider Signing the Petition

From the Chronicle of Higher Education:


Librarians Rally Behind Blogger Sued by Publisher Over Critical Comments

Support for Mr. Askey isn’t limited to Canada. On Twitter, academics around the world are tweeting about the case using the hashtag #FreeDaleAskey, and Martha J. Reineke, a professor of religion at the University of Northern Iowa, created an online petition seeking an end to the lawsuit. It has drawn nearly 1,900 signatures since Friday from Britain, Canada, and the United States.

“Signing is going well 24 hours a day, thanks to persons in Europe who sign while the North Americans sleep,” Ms. Reineke said.

Mr. Askey said he found the response of so many librarians, professors, and organizations to be “heartening.”

I am still flummoxed by this news. As a long time blogger, I appreciate the chance to constructively evaluate ideas, services, and sometimes vendors in an open forum. That’s what the participatory Web offers. This is precariously close to a big step backward for the publisher in question. That world is long gone.

To TTW Readers – if you feel this lawsuit is unfounded, please consider signing the petition and sharing this story far and wide with colleagues and academics. I’d also like to see this story get some news coverage as well beyond libraries and academia.

Here’s the little blurb change.org sent me when I signed:


I just signed the petition “Edwin Mellen Press: End libel suit against Dale Askey and McMaster University ” on Change.org.

It’s important. Will you sign it too? Here’s the link: