Office Hours: Lost Control? Not a Problem 2

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In a discussion after a recent presentation, an educator stood to make a counterpoint to my take on participatory teaching. “I’m paid to have control,” she said. More than one person in the room gasped.

I should have directed her to the new Horizon Report. Among the key trends identified as those impacting teaching and learning for 2013 is an emphasis on “open.” The report states, “Open is a key trend in future education and publication, specifically in terms of open content, open educational resources, massively open online courses, and open access.”

Open teaching, open courses, open minds. It struck me that emphasizing control over what students read, how they respond to discussion questions, and how, essentially, they learn might not be the best path forward when technology and other trends are rapidly changing the learning landscape….


2 thoughts on “Office Hours: Lost Control? Not a Problem

  • Danielle Wood

    The one thing that comes to mind, hearing about that comment from the educator, is that control and guidance are two very different things. I don’t believe educators are paid to control, but to guide in learning. Keeping a border or boundary around learning and letting students tackle the subject matter in an open way, so they can play and learn in their own ways is less control as it is providing a direction.

  • Michael Post author

    Danielle – I like what you describe – a border around the learning space. I hope our course sites feel that way!

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