#hyperlibMOOC Update:Your upcoming SJSU SLIS MOOC Experience!

We’re gearing up for the Fall 2013 Hyperlinked Library MOOC Pilot, and we are excited to share the most recent news.

Here are some of the topics and guest lecturers that we have planned for our MOOC participants:

• Explore the Hyperlinked Library Model, Hyperlinked Library Communities, and Community Engagement, along with Participatory Service and Planning for Hyperlinked Libraries. We’ve invited Michael Casey, Sarah Ludwig, Monica Harris, Gretchen Caserroti, and others as guest lecturers and have open and collaborative assignments for you to explore.

• Expand understandings about Transparency, Privacy, User Experience, and the Mobile and Geo-Social Environments. We’ve invited Aaron Schmidt and Jan Holmquist as guest lecturers, and have organized an expansive and open set of resources for you to use and share.

• Engage with The Creation Culture, Learning and New Literacies, and Reflective Practice. We’ve invited Nate Hill, Char Booth, and Peter Morville as guest lecturers, and we will be adding more lecturers, content, and online experiences for you in the coming weeks.

We cannot wait to begin sharing this global, completely open and free, online learning opportunity with you.