Update on #hyperlibMOOC – Week One Wrap Up

Note from Michael: Just wanted to let TTW readers see what our week one wrap post included over at The Hyperlinked Library MOOC. Follow along here: 


A Goodreads community has sprung up, created by the students: http://www.goodreads.com/group/show/113641-hyperlibmooc

Here’s the wrap up, complete with a pic of Cooper! (Note the @names below are for the MOOC platform Kyle built)


Greetings all! This week has been incredible! I am so knocked out by all the folks joining us, the profiles going up, blogs taking shape – and the site wide interaction filling our virtual learning space. During the summer, this adventure felt like a great unknown. I must confess there were some anxious thoughts about how things would go as we gathered content and Kyle and his incredible team built the site.

Some personal highlights for me as I surfed through all the activity:

@dianemalmstrom at MOOCtacular (love that!) pondered if folks are doing this course on their own time or at work: http://mooc.hyperlib.sjsu.edu/mooctacular/2013/09/04/professional-development-or-on-your-own/ How many of you are working on your own time? Who might be some type of credit?

@kiwilibrarian wondered how many of us have a MOOC Companion: http://mooc.hyperlib.sjsu.edu/kiwilibrarian/2013/09/02/do-you-have-a-mooc-companion/

Here’s mine:



@knevelle wrote this honest, insightful bit on her blog this week, and @kyle shared it with me and all of the participatory learning guides:

I am making a commitment to this MOOC, and already, there are some differences that seem like they may keep me engaged. Having a “homeroom” and other “tribes” connects me to a smaller group of people. It’s easy to become disengaged in a group of 10,000+ students. I think the cap of 400 students overall is a motivator.If I don’t do anything with this course, I am taking up a “seat” of someone else who could have been here, which makes me feel obligated to participate. So I’ve got a handful of motivators to keep me going. I’ve also carved some time out of my work week to dedicate to the course, and I hope to check in for at least a few minutes daily. I’m already a bit behind, but hopefully not so far behind that I can’t catch up.

To those who may feel a bit overwhelmed, feel a bit behind, or feel you are still finding your comfort zone in our space – it’s okay! I quote Clay Shirky often in presentations from Cognitive Surplus. Shirky explores three ways that society might approach incorporating and adopting emerging technologies. The scenarios include “traditionalist approval,” “negotiated transition,” and “as much chaos as we can stand.” Shirky advocates for chaos and I agree. So this course may feel a bit chaotic as blog posts, updates and more come our way. I think all of us could benefit from embracing a bit chaos as part of our learning process. Find your sweet spot of comfort within the chaos and enjoy. I wish you all the very best as you move through the modules.

One more thing: As I write, it’s just about time to be picked up for an evening cruise here on Spider Lake. I am looking forward to chatting with friends, telling them about this cool thing I get to do as part of my job at SJSU SLIS, and unwinding. I’d ask you all to do the same. Before the next module appears, take a break, breathe relax and recharge.


Do not hesitate to contact me (@michael) or @kyle as we continue on this path. Cheers to all!