Office Hours: Library Emoji

My new column is up at Library Journal. The true title is the string of characters above. 🙂

Imagine if users could add emoji to the catalog, expressing their feelings about a book or movie with a range of emotion ideograms. Or having people rate their experience at a library program by sending attendees a link to the program after they attended, with emoji to represent their reactions. Talk about making feedback more fun!

I saw this live at Grand Valley State University’s (GVSU) new library last year. On my way out of the Allendale, MI, building after a talk, a large touch screen beckoned and asked me to rate my experience from angry to “meh” to eyes filled with love. Like Schnoebelen’s analysis, it must be fascinating to see the ebb and flow of emotions related to the library visits at GVSU.

I wanted to share some pics from the GVSU visit:

IMG_5869 IMG_5868 IMG_5870