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An Unconditional “Yes!”

Anytime someone asks me if they should go to library school, I want to give them an unconditional “Yes!” Since I’ve graduated, spent almost two years working as a full-time librarian, and started to pay back my student loans, I haven’t given one unqualified “Yes!” to anyone. I’d like to say something about why that is. * * * From 6:00 to 9:00 PM on Wednesday nights, I work at the information desk with one other employee, often a part-time library clerk. Recently, we were doing a little arts and crafts project to pass the time, and she asked me […]

London Calling: Check Out the #ILI2016 Programme Here

The conference programme is out for Internet Librarian International 2016! This is one of my favorite conferences – please take a look. At ILI, we’re all about responding to challenge through innovation. ILI is a great forum for sharing ideas, learning new skills, hearing about new tools and technology, making unexpected connections, discovering practical solutions, and exploring new and interesting approaches – all with the aim of helping you make a difference to your organisation, clients and communities. Take a look at this year’s programme and plan now to meet up with us in London this October.  

Three Things I’ve Learned as a Library Director by TTW Contributor Justin Hoenke

One year ago I made the jump from a career full of youth services to a life as a director of a small public library. It was a jump that I knew I wanted to make for awhile and when I had the opportunity to work at the Benson Memorial Library in Titusville, PA I jumped right at it. YOUR COMMUNITY IS UNIQUE. UNDERSTAND THEM. We can’t rely on an article in a library related publication to spell out exactly what we need to do in our library. Every community is different, and with that you have to adapt to […]