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New Mexico State Library Staff Can’t Access Flickr, etc.

I’ve been working on a post about South Carolina’s State Library site for TechSource and just caught this at Dr. Curtis Rogers’ blog: I recently found out that staff members at the NM State Library do not have access to Flickr, YouTube, and other social softwares/web based technologies that Libraries are using in the 2.0 world to promote their services, offer IM/Chat reference services, and more. This is a big mistake! If the state library can’t access these tools then how are they supposed to do a good job of helping the libraries in the state? This makes no sense […]

Your Library Your Life

your library your life Originally uploaded by circulating Our new ad for our new newspaper “A new Paducah Sun will be rising Thursday morning that will be easier to read and include stories more relevant to busy lifestyles. To introduce the new design, more than 50,000 papers will be printed and distributed to every household in McCracken County and Metropolis, Ill. That’s double the normal number of newspapers delivered. “We want to give everyone the opportunity to see what we’ve done with our redesign and how the paper has changed,” General Manager Gary Adkisson said. “We hope people will […]

“They can be checked out after Friday, July 6”

"They can be checked out after Friday, July 6" Originally uploaded by The Shifted Librarian Jenny discovers she can’t check out “exhibit books” at Downers Grove Public Library. Today is Friday, June 29, and I as a taxpaying resident with a valid library card cannot check out any of the books in this bookcase for an entire week. It’s insane. Do you know of *any* other institution that spends taxpayer money on new things, proudly displays them, and then keeps them from residents for a week or longer? I wonder if I request the title I tried to check out […]

Down With DRM -0 A TTW Guest Post by Eric Whitfield

I can no longer recall the exact date, but at some point in the recent past I stepped over the line and became a criminal. I didn’t steal from anyone’s home. I certainly didn’t cause anyone physical harm. In fact, I didn’t even leave my office chair. Nevertheless, my dastardly deed landed me squarely on the wrong side of the law. So what had I done? Well, I had removed the embedded DRM from a digital music file. A music file I purchased. Legally. Confused? Yeah, me too. Let me start with a short primer for the unfamiliar. DRM, or […]

On Barriers in Libraries (An L2 Workshop)

Yesterday, I spent three hours with some cool folks from around the Metropolitan Library System talking about Library 2.0. It was a great group and the session had a “workshop” feel – the perfect way to get ready for similar talks in Minnesota this May. First, I did some background on Web 2.0 and the offspring of the 2.0 meme. This article was a good starting point! Dion Hinchcliffe allowed me to use his cool graphic. Then, I asked Michael Casey and John Blyberg to give me their definitions and I matched those up with my own and those from […]