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Info Literacy Class Guide

Tonight, I’m subbing for my colleague Joe Sipocz in his Info literacy class at IUSB. Here’s the outline, courtesy of Nancy at IUSB. (And I added a few things as well…) I’m putting it here for easy access 1. What is the Internet? A. Definitions B. How does it work? C. History D.What is on the Internet? | Lycos Top 50 (via Stephen Abram) | Deep Web B. Evaluation Evaluation checklist: Other criteria, the 3C’s: context, comparison and corroboration. Examples: In-class exercise: III. Search engines/Directories How they work: Spiders | Google Pigeons Which ones […]

Lippincott’s Net Generation Students & Libraries Lippincott notes: Libraries could use part of their home page to highcell phones, send simple text-message queries to library catalogs or databases, or check library hours via text messaging. Such services might be particularly valuable for students who live off campus. How will we conceive and design these new services? Net Gen Info Services include: Use students on teams that design new services and environments Integrate services into course management systems Explore services for mobile devices Represent services and instruction visually and in multimedia modes Focus on partnership models Emphasize how to evaluate information resources Emphasize information policy issues […]

Defining Information Literacy

Via the Information Literacy Weblog: “CILIP (Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals) Council has officially approved the definition of Information Literacy produced by a CILIP working group:” Information literacy is knowing when and why you need information, where to find it, and how to evaluate, use and communicate it in an ethical manner. This definition implies several skills. We believe that the skills (or competencies) that are required to be information literate require an understanding of: a need for information the resources available how to find information the need to evaluate results how to work with or exploit […]