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Security & Crisis Prevention in Libraries by SJCPL Fellas

Congrats to Larry Bennett and Ralph Takach!! They presented a program attended by over 100 people in Indianapolis on Thursday, May 4, 2004. “Defusing Hostility and Preventing Violence in the Library and Techniques for a Safe and Secure Library, sponsored by the Indiana State Library, was a success! The program offered librarians the chance to: ? Learn how to recognize early warning signals of anger or hostility. ? Become aware of how to handle unsettling situations involving patrons by using a variety of communication styles. ? Learn how to keep the behavior from escalating into a crisis and how to […]

10 Things A Library Can Do to Boost their Techie Stuff*

(*without breaking the bank) (Thoughts this am, connected to Panera’s WiFi network, an iced tea, and the whole weekend stretched out before me..) Blog! The tools are free. Blog internally and externally. Promote your stuff to your users. Promote the library to the staff. Bring out your staff’s hidden creativity. It’s time well spent. Send out your Web content via RSS. Not everyone may know what’s up with RSS but they soon will. That little on your site says a lot! Use IM to answer patron’s questions. The software is free! Publicize your library’s screen name and see what happens. […]