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1 Karl Fisch, whose blog I really enjoy, posts about an assignment his daughter has: to create a travel journal and write to friends to ask for postcards. Karl thinks like I do. What about the online component? I think this assignment is fine as far as it goes, and […]

Please help Abby with her Homework

Via Stephen’s Lighthouse: Emphasis mine:  A List of Objections, Replies and Concessions Regarding Social Media and Tools 1. I suffer from information overload already. Possible replies: Try just skimming messages in some fora – you may need to look closely at every email you get but you don’t have […]

Ten Common Objections to Social Media

“There are countless examples/case studies of libraries being the center of the communities in which they serve. What is the best example of “libraries building communities” that you have come across or experienced? What do you see happening in the future in empowering libraries to play even a greater role […]

SirsiDynix UpStream: Libraries Building Communities This is about participation! Give patrons a reason to check in every day—something about the books, and ideally about them and the books, not some “trick” like free movie passes. Read the whole post!