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IM Survey Responses at schwagbag

I am loving this! A respondent says: “Kudos to linking to the Instant Messaging deifition in the Wikipedia from the Library’s website. It’s nice to know that UNLV’s librarians are up-to-date on things such as the Wikipedia. The idea of Instant Messaging for help sounds wonderful. If it isn’t a nuisance and is setup that a librarian at the help desk runs AIM in the background as she/he helps in-person patrons and then additionally helps online patrons, this could become a successful way to reach and help students.” Read all about it…

Types of Studies (A mini-lecture by Dr. Schamber)

Types of Studies Less than a full blown study: Pilot Study: Navigation, procedural type of study. Could be running through a new instrument with a few people to see if it works and what kind of data you get. “Quick and Dirty” data analysis. Should not be published. Preliminary Study: Related to pilot, a first step to a large study. “To see what’s out there.” People do publish these. Exploratory Study: Related to pilot, a first step to a large study. “To see what’s out there.” People do publish these. Research methods Descriptive: Oriented toward the research methods than the […]

Technology Training Questions for Public Librarians

Goodness! I love emails like this one: Hi–I’m the Technology Training and Website Supervisor at ______ Public Library. This is a new position for the library and for me, and I’m looking for contacts and gathering info. My questions include (but are not limited to–) So I asked the person who wrote me if I could answer via my blog because maybe some other folks might find this stuff helpful. Here goes: 1. How many machines in your computer lab? How do you staff it? What software is available? We have a lab of 15 computers that is only open […]

Statewide Access to Databases

I got to thinking today as I go through my piles of mail about all the renewals for products I handle…which made me think how cool it is that Indiana has INSPIRE — the statewide intiative through the state library to give all citizens access to databases. I know Michigan does it as well… Tell me this then folks that read my blog… does every state have such a cool thing? What’s its address? Email me! mstephens7(at)!

Marcia Bates on Information Science

We were assigned a wonderful article for SLIS 6000 by Marcia Bates called “Mining the Substrate of Information Science,” in which she discusses the underlying functions of the discipline. here are my thoughts, as posted to our class board: ?Currently,? Bates writes, ?the wheel is being reinvented everyday on the information superhighway? because of digital information and the leaps and bounds of IT. Bates states that IS folks have been bypassed and we have all the expertise. When you want something done right pertaining to information, get a librarian to do it! I appreciated that sentiment. When Bates mentions we […]

Front Line Baby!

(That’s a line from an obscure Fleetwood Mac song from 1987) Are you a blogger working in a library? Do write about the comings and goings of library users? Do you blog your interactions with other staff? If so, please take a minute or two and answer some questions for Aaron and I. We’ll thank you for it! Click Here!

Technology Planning Article

I’m working on a second dratft of an article on technology planning… I need YOUR HELP! Have you been successful with the art of the tech plan? Have you crashed and burned and don’t mind telling me about it? E-mail me and let’s talk! mstephens7 (at)