WordPress Screencast by Kyle Jones

WP Screencast


In my LIS753 and LIS768 classes, all of the students create WordPress blogs for journaling, reflection on readings and assignments. I asked my graduate assistant and TTW contributor Kyle Jones to give his new MacBook Pro a workout by creating a spiffy “How to set Up WordPress” screencast. For weekend classes where our time is precious, this screencast will be invaluable. Students can set up a blog before class so we can dive right in! Online classes will benefit as well.


Kyle gave me permission to share it here as well – I think it might be especially useful for any Learning 2.0 programs that get the participants started with a blog. Kyle has licensed it under the Creative Commons. If it is useful to you, please let us know.

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9 thoughts on “WordPress Screencast by Kyle Jones”

  1. Very nice screencast.

    I’m working on a series of free WordPress screencasts focused around using the OpenSource WordPress software on your own domain/hosting. The screencasts will all be posted on my blog. If there is a topic you’d like me to cover, please leave me a comment on this post.

    I hope these might also be helpful for your classes.

  2. i must say he did a very good job at this one – for it’s clear and informative. surely it will appeal to most internet users that they’d be very much interested to go for wordpress. i agree, have it uploaded in YouTube!

    again, congrats for a job well done!

  3. thanks for sharing this. As the others note, this will be a useful overview for people new to WP. Just one piece of advice, though. Maybe you could note above that the file is nearly 70MB and maybe not suitable for people with slow internet connections.


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