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Perceptions of ILS Vendors from Marshall Breeding

Are you a decision maker for your library’s ILS? Make sure you checkout this report (which has received some great notice, I am late to the party) Breeding’s observations are useful and concise: Polaris emerged as the system with the highest positive ratings. Libraries that use Polaris rated their system higher in all categories than any of the competing systems and are the least interested in open source alternatives. Only 1.56% of responding libraries indicated they were considering migrating to a new system. (I keynoted their User Group meeting in 2006 – what a cool bunch!) The Library Corporation scored […]

WordPress Screencast by Kyle Jones

  In my LIS753 and LIS768 classes, all of the students create WordPress blogs for journaling, reflection on readings and assignments. I asked my graduate assistant and TTW contributor Kyle Jones to give his new MacBook Pro a workout by creating a spiffy “How to set Up WordPress” screencast. For weekend classes where our time is precious, this screencast will be invaluable. Students can set up a blog before class so we can dive right in! Online classes will benefit as well. http://screencasts.thecorkboard.org/wordpress.mp4 Kyle gave me permission to share it here as well – I think it might be especially […]

Ranganathan Revisited Spring Semester 2008

In LIS70 this week, we looked at the foundations of the profession and at some LIS philosophers. It was once again that time to discuss Ranganathan and his five laws. Each semester I ask the classes to decide if they would rewrite the laws. Here’s what the Wednesday night group came up with: Ranganathan’s 5 Laws-Edited to 4: Information is for use and it’s for everyone. Every piece of information is valuable and every user will find value in something. Eliminate barriers between the user and the information. The library is a growing and evolving organism. What do you think? […]