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CeLIBration at Georgia Tech

Brian Mathews writes:


  • Just to be clear, this isn’t an instructional session, it’s a celebration. It’s a “welcome to Georgia Tech” event. It’s a chance for students to have fun in the library and to meet their fellow dorm mates and peers. It shows that we don’t have to be so serious all the time– that we are approachable. We want them to see the space, live in it for a few hours, and hopefully feel less intimidated later in the semester. Plus it is a fun bonding experience for staff too.
  • I mentioned last year that we designed concurrent sessions and we streamlined that even more this go around. Our goal was to move people around every 30 minutes so that they could participant in more events.

Click through to see the images and video of this event. Heck, the video is so cool, here it is:

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