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Nicole writes: A few weeks ago I got to to Kansas and train the NEKLS librarians on how to use the Koha ILS. While many libraries have been migrating to Koha (or choosing to migrate soon), NEKLS is the first that I’ve seen create a website for all of their libraries (and anyone else) to learn from as they train their staff on the new system. So, congrats to NEKLS on going live with their new Koha 3.0 ILS!!! Keep up with the process on the NExpress website and Facebook page.

Twitter in the Classroom

Twitter breaks down barriers in the Classroom: As an experiment, Parry made Twitter a class assignment and got his students to engage in microblogging as homework. He observed how Twitter became the link that connected conversations inside and out of class. “Because the students had the shared classroom experience, when something came up outside of class that reminded them of material from class time, it often got twittered,” he notes. “This served as a reinforcement/connection between the material and the ‘real world.’” He also discovered that it changed classroom dynamics in a positive way, encouraging more respectful and productive interaction between students […]

CeLIBration at Georgia Tech

Brian Mathews writes:   Just to be clear, this isn’t an instructional session, it’s a celebration. It’s a “welcome to Georgia Tech” event. It’s a chance for students to have fun in the library and to meet their fellow dorm mates and peers. It shows that we don’t have to be so serious all the time– that we are approachable. We want them to see the space, live in it for a few hours, and hopefully feel less intimidated later in the semester. Plus it is a fun bonding experience for staff too. I mentioned last year that we designed […]

Taming Technolust Tomorrow

Tomorrow is my SirsiDynix Institute webinar: Taming Technolust: Planning in a Hyperlinked World Aug 26, 2008 | 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Eastern Michael Stephens offers ten steps for technology planning in our fast changing, ever-evolving information world. More Info | Register Now If you have time, please join in.

Open Source Software for Libraries

http://maisonbisson.com/oss4lib/ Casey Bisson writes: The rights to my Library Technology Report on Open-Source Software for Libraries have reverted back to me, so I’m posting the text online under a CC-BY-SA license. More importantly, I’m using it as an opportunity to play with how longer-than-blog texts can be represented online. Nice to have the full text of his outstanding LTR out on the Web and open. Thanks Casey! I need to look into getting my two volumes out.

Blogging Director: Julie Milavec

http://plainfieldlibrarydirector.blogspot.com/ Another nice example of blogging library directors. Take a look, and don’t miss How many square feet does it take to make a functional public restroom which ends with this: The draft of the building program will be posted here as it nears completion. In the meantime, you can help by submitting your idea here: http://plainfield.lib.il.us/contact/index.asp or jotting it down on a suggestion box slip at the library! It’s your library, so let us know what you want. What spaces/features would make your library experience better?

Benefits of E-Learning

http://hloy.edublogs.org/2008/08/17/benefits-of-elearning/ Nice post by Heather about using Twitter to tap into the knowledge of her group. One of our assignments was to Google the benefits of eLearning and share our findings with the class. Of course, I have to be different and I was curious to see what members of my PLN thought benefits of eLearning were in relation to their experiences. So, I used Twitter to pole my network and asked: “I’m taking an online course & we’re to gather 3 benefits of eLearning. We’re to use Google, but I figure asking you guys is more practical. Benefits from […]

McMaster Macs Coming Soon!

http://ulatmac.wordpress.com/2008/08/23/apple-computers-coming-soon/ This September, McMaster Libraries will be introducing Apple computers in the public areas in both Thode and Mills Libraries. Come September, you’ll find a sea of brand new machines, including iMacs, Mac Pros and Apple laptops. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with the Apple operating system. All of these stations will be dual boot, which means you’ll be able to start them up and run either the Apple or Windows operating system. The integration of Apple computers at the libraries allows for greater flexibility and a wider range of software choices. In addition, it gives library users a […]

Amazon Confirms Student Kindle

http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/08/23/amazon-confirms-student-version-of-kindle/ Amazon confirmed our speculation that they are planning to target colleges and universities with a new version of the Kindle, reports the Seattle PI. Textbooks are a $5.5 billion annual market, and most publishers now offer electronic versions of their textbooks. McGraw-Hill Education, for example, publishes 95% of their books electronically as well as in print. But there is no compelling device to read them on. The new Kindle will likely be a large screen version of the original, which is much better suited for textbooks. I’m interested in this but in my classes, we use a lot of articles and online resources. I wonder […]