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I am happy to announce the full text of both of my ALA Library Technology Reports are available now at the new TTW companion site The Hyperlinked Library. The rest of the site is currently under construction, but for now you’ll find: Web 2.0 & Libraries: Best Practices for Social […]

Web 2.0 & Libraries Parts 1 & 2 Available Free ...

Folks – Please follow these links and read about the grass roots effort to help our colleagues and friends at “This Week in Libraries.” http://www.facebook.com/helptwil http://helptwil.tumblr.com/post/15878761386/help-twil-it-is-time-to-lend-a-hand This Week In Libraries has done so much for developing libraries worldwide. The show shares the stories of library innovations and best practices from […]

Please Help TWIL

The mission of librarians and museum professionals is to foster conversations that improve society through knowledge exchange & social action Lifelong learning in & out of formal educational settings These topics are equally applicable to librarians and museum professionals These topics must be contextualized The following values permeate these topics: […]

Office Hours Extra: The Salzburg Curriculum