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Rosenbaum on New Technologies

Using a PowerBook (YES!), Dr. Rosenbaum took us through a review of a similar talk he gave 6 years ago and then looked to the future. “Trendspotting: Libraries & Technology (or what do I have to learn now?) Librarians getting together — “Community of Practice” – Shared work practices Six years ago: The web is becoming a community Digital Neighborhoods and virtual communities Chat Rooms Portals Current Technical Trends: *Wireless Libraries – Bluetooth/ 802.11g *PDAs, Tablets, Cell Phones – Cheaper, more common, wireless and net access. Libraries need to think about a new range of services that serve these devices. […]

Indiana Online Users Group Meeting

Got Questions? – Serving Up a Glass of New Technology The Indiana Online Users Group Spring 2004 Program was yesterday at the Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library in Plainfield, Indiana, on the west side of Indianapolis. Here’s the blurb for the day: “The world of library technology is constantly changing. Reading about those changes is good, but hearing how your colleagues are using new technology is better. Take advantage of this chance to ask questions and learn from others during the IOLUG Spring Program. Howard Rosenbaum of IU SLIS will give us an overview of new trends in the library world. […]