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Read. This. Now. It should be the goal of staff technology trainer to get all library workers well versed in the basics of library projects. Patrons should not be met with blank stares if they ask a shelver about a library?s screen name or new self checkout terminal. It is likely unrealistic to be able to meet with every single library employee, but it shouldn?t be unrealistic to get all employees to check a staff blog. walking paper

TC Librarians have RSS & More Training

Jeff up in TC reports that not only is wifi doing well at TADL, but “tomorrow’s reference staff meeting, my co-worker and i are doing a 15 minute intro on del.icio.us, rss+aggregation, cool librarians that blog, and wikis. crazy sampler of “let us know if you’d like us to do sessions on any of this stuff…” AND they will be using wifi to do it!!! (yet another chance to educate!) EVERY public library staff should be so lucky! Attention Tech trainers: have you taught all of your librarians about blogs, RSS and the cool stuff going on with collabortation? If […]