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Copyright and Libraries

Tale a look at this… good stuff. Who is in charge of copyright issues at your library? Interesting to read the post this am after taking a look at Kalamazoo PL’s super cool Web site with a copyright link right on the front end!

Loads of IM info… Thanks Technobiblio!

“Frequent IM users, on the other hand, tended to use IM more as a tool for collaboration, with discussions covering a broad range of topics via many fast-paced interactions—each with many short turns in the conversation, much threading, and a predisposition towards multitasking. ” Oh yeah! Aaron and I have planned a number of things…and Steven and I have set up some collaborative stuff as well. CJ never ceases to amaze me with the quality of his posts. Take a look at this about IM and the great articles he links to.

How I Spent my Summer Vacation

In June, I attended the first weekend Institute for the UNT IMLS distance independent PhD program. We spent the weekend getting to know each other, the faculty and generally freaking because of how new this academic experience was to all of us. After that weekend, we were responsible for completing 3 courses for a total of 9 credit hours online. The ladies in the cohort are neat folks. I enjoyed every minute we spent together. We are diverse but I recognize the passion for library stuff in all of us. Statistics was a rollercoaster of ?I can?t do this.? To […]

Technology Training Questions for Public Librarians

Goodness! I love emails like this one: Hi–I’m the Technology Training and Website Supervisor at ______ Public Library. This is a new position for the library and for me, and I’m looking for contacts and gathering info. My questions include (but are not limited to–) So I asked the person who wrote me if I could answer via my blog because maybe some other folks might find this stuff helpful. Here goes: 1. How many machines in your computer lab? How do you staff it? What software is available? We have a lab of 15 computers that is only open […]

The Wisdom of Crowds and the INFORMATION CASCADE

On the way back from Michigan last week I listened to the New Yorker’s James Surowiecki’s book The Wisdom of Crowds which Steven mentioned a few weeks ago. It was incredibly interesting and the four hour drive flew by. Surowiecki gathers research from various disciplines concerning the idea that the wisdom of many is usually spot on — better in fact than the wisdom of say one or two geniuses. Take a look at this for more: An example: folks try plank roads in the 1800s… they seem ok and EVERYONE starts praising plank roads. “Plank roads will change […]

Statewide Access to Databases

I got to thinking today as I go through my piles of mail about all the renewals for products I handle…which made me think how cool it is that Indiana has INSPIRE — the statewide intiative through the state library to give all citizens access to databases. I know Michigan does it as well… Tell me this then folks that read my blog… does every state have such a cool thing? What’s its address? Email me! mstephens7(at)!

Back to work!

I’m back after over 10 weeks of leave! In that time I started school at UNT, visited Orlando for ALA and spent 5+ weeks in Traverse City! Now I’m going through the piles of mail, returning messages and getting back into the groove. For the next two years I will be a part time manager, still heading up the Networked Resources Development and Training department at SJCPL. The other time will be devoted to school, speaking and writing. I’ll post again soon!