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Online Social Networks

Aaron and I will also be participating in the Online Social Networks Conference — discussing blogs in libraries. Note that Howard Rheingold will be there. I’ve been reading his book on virtual communities for my big UNT class this semester! From the site: SN2004 will be a summit meeting where you will have a chance to hear from and interact with many of the pioneers in the field of online social networks as well as some of the current trendsetters now exploring the latest technologies and applications. In 2001, the first Online Social Networks conference explored the emerging field of […]

Writing with Aaron / Dinner

Yesterday, Aaron of walkingpaper fame and his wife Kate drove over from Illinois. During the day, we worked on our blog article. We write well together and I’m pleased with our results. We had dinner as well last night: Aaron, Kate, Steve, and I …outside, with my two dogs and their sweet little Pug Mao cavorting about the yard. http://www.tametheweb.com/galleries/AaronKateMao/ Nice.