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Getting Started with Blogs

Mary Jo, one of the members of our PhD cohort, asked me for some LIS news sites and blogs that she might look at to get started as an offshoot of my presentation in class this weekend. What I thought I would do is post it here…because it might be helpful to other folks as well. First up: don’t miss LISNews as the perfect starter news clearinghouse. Then, take a look at: (This one is rocking my world right now…) There’s an LIS blog for every interest! These, from my link list, are faves: Library BlogsKaren Schneider’s […]

Ten Guidelines for Developing Your Internal Blog

Steven posts about internal blogs and I totally am in on this one. We have been using a blog like structure internally at SJCPL for a while now. It includes nine major categories programmed by the NRDT Web Developer and Computer Specialist based on the Lasso program from Blue World software ( All entries for those categories ? Admin News, Personnel News, Staff news, etc ? build on each other, posting in reverse chronological order just as most blogs do. Each category is assigned to certain staff via IP addresses recognized by the database system. Secondary ?blogs? are in place […]

10 Things I Learned in London at Internet Librarian International

10 Things I Learned in London at Internet Librarian International It’s a sweet thing to drink breakfast tea in my room, lounging in my hotel dressing gown, reading the proceedings and planning for the day. Technology training issues are the same for trainer/librarians everywhere – from issues about retention of material to support for training programs by administrators! Talking with Rob was illuminating and made me realize public librarians in the Netherlands are lucky to have him doing training! According to Sullivan: personalization and “invisible tabs” may be the wave of the future for search engines…and after hearing Frank Cervone […]

Back in the US!

I’m back! Actually I got back late Saturday but I spent all day yesterday finalizing my literature review for SLIS 6700. I turned it in last night at 8:37pm… Much information to go through and post! But here’s a pic by Rob, the Trainer from the Netherlands. I didn’t even know he snapped it. I was Congrunting Danny Sullivan and smiling because of Sullivan’s take on image searching. He’s a great presenter!

Practicing what I Preach

In my technology training workshop Sunday one of my points was that if you are doing a presentation you have to be ready to roll with any glitches that pop up. Monday I got to practice what I preach. My CyberClinic was about new technologies in libraries and I created a small PPT to use. I copied it from my Mac to my JumpDrive and was good to go — or so I thought…. In the room…with minutes before the start — an maybe 40 folks waiting — the PPT would not open! It would not open on another laptop […]

Danny Sullivan’s Keynote on Searching : An ILI Congrunt

Danny Sullivan Web Search: A Look Ahead It’s no longer Google Google Google Consolidation of Search Engines means a strong “search voice” – good for searchers What will help an engine win the search wars? Sullivan says it will be personalization and “invisible tabs” may be the way to win. For example, entering “pictures of cats” in the search box yields pictures of cats in Yahoo and Ask Jeeves. Google offers a small link: “Looking for pictures? Try Images.” Sullivan likened this to the search engine acting as a librarian by interacting with the searcher. Search shortcuts also create sticky […]