The Library Blogger’s Personal Protocols

Steven posted about Blogging policies and mentioned he didn’t have any policies for blogging. Over drinks at the Portobello Bar, I told him I thought we all have some inherent blogging protocols that drive many of the blogs I read and link to as well as my own.

So this morning, I pondered these, which line up so closely with the ones Steven pointed to:

The Library Blogger’s Personal Protocols

Respect your organization. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. If you don’t agree with a policy at your library, don’t badmouth the folks there. Research other views/approaches and post about those! Learn all you can — they may ask for your opinion someday and an educated opinion on something is much better than hurumphing!

But don’t be afraid to put your two sense in on something you REALLY believe in.

Play nice. Cite your sources. Link back.

Don’t reveal secrets. Write about what your library is doing (I love that part) but don’t reveal sensitive data. It’s fine to say: “I had a meeting with a vendor of Product X today and here’s where I think this is going…”

Blog anonymously…I’m all for it. BUT be careful and don’t let it interfer with your workplace. Keep it underground. This stuff can be insiteful reading…I was fascinated by a couple of front line bloggers who blogged anonymously until found out and told to stop by their management! … just saying…


Blog proudly and let your administration know what you are doing. I turn in conference reports that are a compendium of blog posts from a meeting like Internet Librarian, where I am writing from, — including notes from sessions, stuff from the exhibits and all the other cool stuff I encounter. Take it as a teaching moment as well: inform your admin what blogging is all about and how the library might get involved… come on folks!

While I’m at it: I’m waiting for the definitive professional librarian’s blogs devoted to Audio Visual issues, front line staff development and handful of other topics I haven’t found yet in the LIS Blogosphere… maybe YOU have something to say!

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