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Repost of a thought from February as I relax in my hotel dressing gown in Monterey

One of our cool Reference librarians came to see me right before I left for CA. We talked shop and Macs and music..and I thought back to this post, written at PLA as he described with excitement his plans for a new computer purchase: Public Libraries should do everything they can to provide a computer — a laptop — for all of their librarians. (it’s also a pretty snazzy perk in a job where there aren’t bonuses and the like…) We have it GOOD at SJCPL, each manager gets a 15″ Powerbook and the means to take it anywhere! I […]

The Library Blogger’s Personal Protocols

Steven posted about Blogging policies and mentioned he didn’t have any policies for blogging. Over drinks at the Portobello Bar, I told him I thought we all have some inherent blogging protocols that drive many of the blogs I read and link to as well as my own. So this morning, I pondered these, which line up so closely with the ones Steven pointed to: The Library Blogger’s Personal Protocols Respect your organization. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. If you don’t agree with a policy at your library, don’t badmouth the folks there. Research other views/approaches and post […]