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Where are all the laptops at Internet Librarian?

At IL in London, Brian Kelly told our audience: “The room is wireless, open up your laptops and start blogging and IMing about our presentation…” He joked then that they should say only nice things! But — how cool was this? We’ve heard about conferences where virtual communities spring up during the proceedings of folks commiserating in chats, private chats and actively blogging or congrunting. Is that happening here? I just read this at Library Stuff: I?m sitting here in David King?s session. I see only four other laptops. One is a blogger. So, 20% of all the laptops in […]

Internet Librarian Keynote: Lee Raine, Pew Internet and American Life (a congrunt)

Opening Keynote Monday November 15, 2004 Lee Raine, Pew Internet in American Life (written with SubEthaEdit in tandem with Aaron on two Mac Powerbooks) Pew charitable trusts funds project with 2 goals: *wide public interest/news coverage *work useful to policy makers and tech folk Studies patterns of social interaction 63% of Adult Americans use the Internet Internet use is the norm… there is a shrinking minority of those who do not use it. Usage of the interent segmented in various ways: interests transfer to the online world “I’m a Data geek.” Expectations shifted…no longer a novely, but a utility Current […]

Networking at Internet Librarian..and RSS at YOUR Library

David King, who rocks my library IT world and does Web stuff at Kansas City PL, told me over dinner last night (with Aaron, Jenny and Sherree at the Indian place) that Kansas City PL has started RSS feeds for program info, subjects and more (Look at this page). I was thrilled. Then, this am, unable to sleep too long (West coast travel always gets me), I read Steven’s post about Cincinnati PL that greg Schwartz turned him on to last night after dinner. http://www.cincinnatilibrary.org/feeds/ Such synchronicity! And an example of how cool networking can be at a conference like […]