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BLOG : Word of the Year (BBC LinkVia and IM from skagirlie across 25 feet in our office…) Most cool. Blog is the most searched word on the Interent for 2004. Blogs have arrived! Is your library blogging? Is your library organization blogging? You should be!

Teaching RSS to Reference Librarians

Someone who saw the presentation on Teaching Weblogs Steven and I did at IL2004 wrote this to me: I’m new to the public library world? — I’ve been trying to get folks excited about the possibilities of RSS & XML. The problem was that?I didn’t have a lot of concrete examples of how public libraries could use these tools, and I’m not techie enough to implement things on my own (yet).?Now I’m really psyched. I had no idea that public?librarians were doing?such?fantastic things. I was bouncing off the walls after I attended the RSS and blogging sessions at IL2004. Anyway, […]

Ten Cool Things about iPod Photo ( A Review)

Jenny urged me to write a review of the new iPod Photo at IL 2004. So here’s a brief one as I take a break from blogs and virtual communities. I’m an iPod freak… and the thought of not only carrying my 32 GB of music files around but my 12 GB of digital pictures makes my knees weak. I ordered and received the new iPod right before IL2004. So, here goes Ten Cool Things about the iPod Photo: COLOR ’nuff said. CD COVER ART incorporated into the Now Playing screen! Or the FULL SCREEN mode! SPACE! 60GB of room […]

Holiday Break (to write a paper!)

TTW posts will be on hiatus (unless I jot down a quick one in a moment of inspiration) while I finish my research proposal due Sunday night. My topic? The Blogosphere as virtual community. I’ll be back next weekk — but guess what – I head to Texas on Thursday for class… the last of the semester! It’s snowing hard here in northern Indiana. I’m glad to be home a few days to write and be with the boys.

WiFi Spots in South Bend/Mishawaka Indiana area

All St. Joseph County Public Library Locations Panera Bread -North Main Street, Mishawaka (FREE) Borders, 4230 Grape Road Mishawaka, IN 46545 (T-Mobile account required) Holiday Inn Express, 6701 North Main Street, Mishawaka (FREE) Burger King, Downtown South Bend at Main and LaSalle (FREE) Carlton Lodge, 420 West Univesity Drive, Mishawaka (FREE) South Bend Marriott, 123 N. St. Joseph St, South Bend (STSN) Wireless Access in Traverse City Michigan Wireless Access Directory

One of My Coolest Moments

..of Internet Librarian 2004 was presenting with Jamie Wilson from Tower Hill School in Wilmington, DE. It was his first presentation ata conference and he was smashing! Scott told the audience and they erupted with applause… it was most cool. It made me remember my first time at CIL 2000… how exhilirating it is to get up in front of peers and have something to say…and have them listen!

Greg Schwartz on Library Blogs

Much discussion today at SJCPL about blogs… I took a look back at this: because Greg had such cool things to say in his talk.. If you haven’t read this one in awhile — or you never have — take a look! (And it’s at WebJunction!)