Blogging for the Profession

Steven writes about librarians who blog oh so nicely:

Anonymous blogging intrigues me. I’ve never done it but I read some “front line” blogs every once in awhile and appreciate the candor and honest look at what happens at reference desks all over. And I agree with Mr. Cohen – if you are blogging, let your boss know. My blog is on my yours? I have also mentioned here I turn in conference reports made up ofd all of my blog entries from that event. It’s easy and it keeps me focused on blogging while at the conference. It works for me. Some may want to dgest and write later…that’s cool too.

I know one of our adminstrators reads my writing here and it pleases me to know that line of communication is there. The dean of the SLIS department at UNT blew me away when she said : “I read your blog.” Wow!

This ties in with ethics as well. Blogging as a practiotioner and as a student I am reporting/commenting on stuff that happens in my library, at school and in the LIS world. I owe it to myself to do the best I can, be honest and watch out for typos.