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Proofreading and Correcting: Librarian Style

Oh Lipstick librarian – your insight slays me this am concerning librarians and their need http://www.lipsticklibrarian.com/blog/archives/000103.html Okay; it’s one thing to be corrected when giving a paper or a speech, or even in a blog entry, but in a casual e-mail?? That little incident crystallized what exactly irks me about socializing with librarians: our incessant–nay, obsessive need to correct others. No matter what the situation or who’s involved, we can never let pass the opportunity to be right, no matter how picayune the mistake or perceived mistake (in this instance it was a grammatical controversy of the actor/actress ilk). No […]

Blogging for the Profession

Steven writes about librarians who blog oh so nicely: http://www.librarystuff.net/2004/12/does-your-employer-know-that-you-blog.html Anonymous blogging intrigues me. I’ve never done it but I read some “front line” blogs every once in awhile and appreciate the candor and honest look at what happens at reference desks all over. And I agree with Mr. Cohen – if you are blogging, let your boss know. My blog is on my resume..is yours? I have also mentioned here I turn in conference reports made up ofd all of my blog entries from that event. It’s easy and it keeps me focused on blogging while at the conference. […]