Daily Archives: January 17, 2005

Chad at Hidden Peanuts just posted this: http://www.hiddenpeanuts.com/index.php?p=53 ..where he ponders the tagging of images. Guess what? I’ve been doing the same thing at Flickr. I didn’t realive the text string I was using “Posted via Michael’s Treo 600..” was becoming tags. So I have been going through and tagging […]

Tagging my Musings (Images)

I was waiting for the reports of this session! LITA’s Top Technology Trends always fires me up and gives me food for thought. Read her post here: http://www.plablog.org/2005/01/top-technology-trends.html “…convergence, ubiquitous computing, nomadicity, and what one poster to my blog called “the intermingling of the various pieces of your online life.”)…”

Top Tech Trends from Karen Schneider (via the PLA Blog)