Monthly Archives: January 2005

THANK YOU STEVEN! It?s a bit ironic to attend a conference on deeper learning and the improvement of teaching and to find oneself sitting in a large auditorium, watching PowerPoint slides, and listening to someone deliver a traditional-style lecture. Even if the presentation is thought-provoking, even if the presenter […]

Social Software and Conferences

So true… My brain hurts. Sometimes there are just too many interesting, intensely profound ideas floating around out there. What did I do BB? (Before blogs…) … My zeal for the potential of Weblogs, wikis, RSS etc. is born almost entirely from my reflective self that is constantly amazed […]

Social Learning

Please visit and read Jeff beard’s thoughts about how using blogs can increase someone’s presence and then translate the implications to libraries. Good stuff! Concerning the value of blogs for “guerilla marketing,” Beard states: 1) Search Engines Love Blogs 2) Instant “Expertability” 3) Super Easy Updating 4) RSS News […]

I’m all about Presence