Greg’s Podcast

I chatted this am with Greg Schwartz, who asked me what i thought of his podcast. “Be honest,” he said.

I listened Tuesday while working on stuff at my desk and I enjoyed it. I was tickled to hear Greg do a sort of audio lit review — ah, that thing I know so well and will certainly be doing more of as I work on my degree — and he hit points of the article and chimed un with his thoughts. I like that.

I also like the format: 20-30 minutes of news and information for the LIS community with a personal flare and easy-going touch. I would be very inclined to listen to each future installment, like a date with a radio show. HOWEVER: I might not tune in/download a podcast or three every single day but regular (monthly?) installments sound nice: morning tea, a podcast and some inspiring comments.

I’d also like to see the program be chapter stopped — where I could click ahead to different sections. This would also include a linked Table of Contents I guess…

I’d also like to hear some guests from the LIS community…

My worry for Greg and future LIS Podcasters — and if I ever have anything I want to “SAY” to you, I’ll sit myself down on the G5 and record it — is setting up unreachable goals and expectations. I would not wish a 20-30 min “show” written and produced once a week on anyone with full time commitments and other things to do.

Just sayin!

Well done Greg — who also thrills me everytime he says “LIS” or “Library and Information Science” since the IS part is so near and dear to me these days!