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Social Software and Conferences

THANK YOU STEVEN! http://www.educause.edu/apps/er/erm05/erm0513.asp It?s a bit ironic to attend a conference on deeper learning and the improvement of teaching and to find oneself sitting in a large auditorium, watching PowerPoint slides, and listening to someone deliver a traditional-style lecture. Even if the presentation is thought-provoking, even if the presenter is charged with enthusiasm, even if the slides are animated, even if the podium is shared with a panel of highly respected thought leaders in learning theory, even if . . . , one is left with the feeling that a grand opportunity has been missed, that gathering together so […]

Greg’s Podcast

I chatted this am with Greg Schwartz, who asked me what i thought of his podcast. “Be honest,” he said. I listened Tuesday while working on stuff at my desk and I enjoyed it. I was tickled to hear Greg do a sort of audio lit review — ah, that thing I know so well and will certainly be doing more of as I work on my degree — and he hit points of the article and chimed un with his thoughts. I like that. I also like the format: 20-30 minutes of news and information for the LIS community […]

An LIS Weblog I’d like to see (Updated)

I was pondering this morning that we have a lot of blogs for library tech folk…and many of the library specialties out there… but I would love to see a blog dedicated to the whole Audio Visual area scene. What’s hot in AV? What circulates? How are DVDs doing versus tired old VHS? What are some innovative AV departments doing — like circulating games? iPods? SACD? DVD-A? Maybe some librarian is doing just that and I haven’t seen it yet…please let me know…if not..I, for one, think there’s a place at the LIS Blog table for AV stuff. UPDATE: Greg […]