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The Podcast Media & OSS

I’ve been thinking about podcasts… dabbling a bit this week. One thing that is pretty darn cool is that some of this phenomenon/trend has roots in good old Open Source Software. What is a podcast? Folks have been offering definitions. For example, PodcastAlley defines it, Webopedia does as well, and wikipedia has a great entry here:“A podcast is much like an audio magazine subscription: a subscriber receives regular audio programs delivered via the internet, and she or he can listen to them at her or his leisure.” For example, downloading Audacity is a good first step. Audacity is free, open […]

Training/Promotional Opportunities (and Nudity!)

Never miss a chance to promote your library and its services — even if you happen to be undressed! At the gym this am, a fellow asked me about wifi at SJCPL. I was glad to give him some info, invite him to any location to try it out and praised his use of a Macintosh PowerBook! The other part of this story: I never miss a chance to talk tech. In the all together, I settled into the whirlpool tub in our locker room after exercising. The fellow across from me (also in the all together) greets me and […]