Monthly Archives: February 2005

Via LISNews: Get a load of that! Talk about PRESENCE! Well done Harris County Public Library. If we are selling our message of provideing access and materials, what better way than actually putting that “message” into someone’s browser. The public library needs to be in people’s minds — not […]

PL Toolbar

From a reader Down Under: Hi Michael, Yesterday I was thinking about using iPods in our public library, and some web and blog searching today uncovered your comments at your blog. I said almost exactly the same thing to a colleague yesterday – iPods are the coolest device around at […]

iPod as Listening Station

I’ve been thinking a lot about what libraries might do with iPods and I’ve actually written about it here before. I’m glad to see Pew report on MP3 at that Karen pointed to. I’ve lamented that some of the big names in recorded e-content don’t recognize the iPod as […]

Libraries Doing Cool Things with iPods: